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Oral Cankers

When hens stop eating it is not always easy to pin down an obvious cause without a fair amount of detective work. A head to toe examination will rule out problems and help you to decide if your hen is just having an off day or needs to go to see a vet. It may […]

Ruffled feathers Mr Kipling?

A big thanks to all of you who joined our #feathercampaign following the news that Mr Kipling had stopped using solely free range eggs.  Our message was reported in The Grocer magazine who commented that ‘Premier Foods has defended its switch to using barn eggs for the manufacture of Mr Kipling cakes after it came […]

Wendy Turner’s raises much needed funds

More and more of our supporters are raising funds by rolling up their sleeves, dusting off their recipe books and baking, and so far this year over £10,000 has been raised to help re-home thousands of former commercial laying hens, which have become wonderful, cheeky and endearing pets in household across the country. A special […]

Bumble Foot

Does your hen look as if she is wearing over-large carpet slippers? If so she might have Bumble foot. Bumble foot normally starts out with a small hard black spot or raised rough patch on the bottom of the foot. In extreme cases all the toes and even the lower part of the leg can […]

BHWT eBay super star!

This week we would like to celebrate our eBay super star Megan Whiteman who has raised over £10,000 for the BHWT through her eBay shop, which is going from strength to strength… Megan works alongside her family, who use recycled and reclaimed timber to make her bestselling lines, including popular batches of organic apple twig […]

Hens have ears too!

It is sometimes easy to forget that hens have ears too… Hens’ ears are very well disguised and hidden under a flat of dense feathering. If you gently lift up the ear flap you should see a clean dark round hole. If the ear becomes infected this hole may be full of a yellow waxy […]

Chicken runs to help our hens

‘Do something eggstra-ordinary – do a chicken run … for the chickens!’ Congratulations to Jan Smith who recently raised a wonderful £219 for more c-lucky ladies by completing her very first 10K run. With a range of marathons already scheduled to take place in 2016, why not sign up and raise funds for the BHWT? […]

Remember remember the 5th of November

Remember remember the 5th of November… For those of us with pets we are all too aware that firework season is upon us again (not just confined to one day anymore). While you are keeping your cats and dogs indoors, don’t forget you have responsibilities to your hens too. Most hens cope well and snooze […]

Could you Ho Ho Home some hens this Christmas?

Could you Ho Ho Home some hens this Christmas? Forget 5 golden rings or 4 calling birds, could you give a home to 3 ex-bat hens this Christmas? Thousands of hens are soon to be given the Christmas gift of a second chance in life thanks to hen welfare charity, the British Hen Welfare Trust. […]

Not so good egg, Mr Kipling

We recently advised that Mr Kipling has stopped using solely free range eggs  and is now using ‘cage-free’ (barn eggs) as an alternative. As a result we are relaunching our previously successful ‘feather campaign’ to encourage Mr Kipling to revoke this decision to stop using only free range eggs and we would like you to […]