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Could you knit us special spooky egg cosy?

With Halloween almost upon us, we wanted to showcase our very own BHWT witch egg cosy. Handcrafted by one of our kind supporters, this spell binding cosy has made an appearance here at Hen Central to celebrate this spooky time of year! All profits from these wonderful egg cosies go directly to helping more hens […]

Hens and worms

All animals can (and do) pick up worms. Hens are no different. Do not be lulled into thinking that your hens don’t have visitors just because you haven’t seen any in their droppings, if you are actually seeing worms in the droppings your hen has a heavy worm burden. Worms lay thousands of eggs every […]

Free Range Friday Food for thought…

Free Range Friday Food for thought… Did you know that fresh eggs raise the levels of protein and other nutrients in a family’s diet? What better reason to spread the free range egg love, and share your delicious egg recipes with friends and family? By asking for a small donation to the BHWT in return […]

When your hens feathers drop like Autumn leaves

The annual moult is one of the more perplexing aspects of keeping hens. Your hen is in peak condition, glossy feathers and red comb one minute then almost overnight she starts to drop her feathers. Some hens drop lots of feathers (a hard moult) while others have a partial moult (soft moult). The important thing to […]

BVNA announces the BHWT as Charity of the Year 2015/16

We are delighted to inform you that we have been chosen as the British Veterinary Nursing Association’s official Charity of the Year from October 2015, and throughout 2015/6 we will be working alongside the BVNA to raise awareness and funds for our Hen Advice Line. The more success we have in re-homing activity, the more […]

Payroll Giving the lowdown

Did you know that Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most tax efficient ways in which to give a regular gift to the BHWT, allowing us to plan effectively for the future to help more hens? Around 8,000 UK employers currently offer Payroll Giving schemes and a whopping 1 million employees donate regularly to deserving causes […]

The British Hen Welfare Trust gains Another Feather in its Cap

The British Hen Welfare Trust gains Another Feather in its Cap  National hen charity, The British Hen Welfare Trust, is proud to have recently gained another feather in its cap with its appointment by the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) as official Charity of the Year from October 2015.  The charity will now work alongside […]