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Remember your hens during firework season

Fireworks will be going off with a bang all over the country this weekend, and we can’t wait! However it’s important to remember your hens, so here are a few tips to ensure they remain calm and happy throughout the festivities. While most people take extra precautions to look after their cats and dogs we’d […]

The Chicken Vet: the importance of worming your chickens

A blog by The Chicken Vet Animals and birds are capable of hosting various internal parasites, including worms. Chickens are no different, therefore worming is part of caring for your pet chicken’s health to implement prevention and control. Some species of worm can affect your chicken’s health if not treated. There are four species which can be found in chickens: Ascaridia (round worm) is […]

Runny eggs declared safe for ‘vulnerable’ people

We’re welcoming the news this morning that eggs stamped with the Lion mark have been officially declared safe for vulnerable people such as pregnant women and young children. The news first surfaced in 2016 when a food safety committee’s report concluded that raw or lightly cooked eggs could be served to groups of ‘vulnerable’ people. […]

British Hen Welfare Day!

We celebrated this year’s British Hen Welfare Day at Hen Central with a wonderful selection of yummy goodies.  It’s hard to decide which was the best but the BHWT cupcakes definitely made an impact, as did the fried egg lemon drizzle slices and a gorgeous cheese quiche, made using our founder Jane’s chickens’ eggs!  We […]

UK declared AI free

The UK has been declared disease free following outbreaks of Avian Flu which began at the end of 2016. The UK’s Chief Vet Nigel Gibbens yesterday announced the UK has met international requirements to declare itself free from Avian Influenza, but the Government is warning the public to be vigilant as the winter approaches. It […]

WANTED: egg cosies!

We are yet again on the hunt for more egg cosies and are calling on our supporters to pick up their knitting needles and get creative! People go crazy for cosies at events, making them a great fundraising tool for the charity. They can come in all shapes and sizes – we’ve had cosies with […]

The annual moult

Your hen is in peak condition, glossy feathers and red comb one minute then almost overnight she starts to look tatty. Some hens drop lots of feathers (a hard moult) while others have a partial moult (soft moult.) The important point is that moulting is a natural process and does not mean that your hen has a skin disease or parasites. Moulting […]

How does a chicken breathe?

Chickens have a specialised system for getting oxygen into their body and removing carbon dioxide. They use an efficient combination of two methods to obtain oxygen, allowing them to indulge in highly energetic activities such as flying and running. As you might expect, air enters through the nostrils, and passes through the pharynx and trachea. Chickens have long necks because they […]

A fox tip

If you have the terrible experience of finding a fox has visited your hen enclosure, your first instinct will be to pick up any hens that the fox has left behind and you may assume that any hens not there have sadly been taken away. Recently a re-homer flagged up to us that she had […]

Double award success

The British Hen Welfare Trust is celebrating being shortlisted in two prestigious charity awards. The charity is one of five charities shortlisted in the Small Charity, Big Achiever category in the Third Sector Awards. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London on 21 September.   We have also been shortlisted for the […]