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Chickens remain UK’s sixth most popular pet

The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association’s Pet Data Report 2017 stated around 600,000 people now keep domestic fowl, ranking them above guinea pigs, hamsters and lizards. Mind you, this is not news to the British Hen Welfare Trust who know full well the popularity of our feathered friends among the great British public. Since 2005 the […]

Can you host in Hereford?

Are you an animal lover? Do you have a stable or barn you could lend out once in a while? Then you could be the British Hen Welfare Trust’s next answer to its life-saving work for hens destined for slaughter. The charity re-homes hens across the country and is looking to set up a brand […]

Go potty for poultry on National Poultry Day

A chicken charity is reminding the general public that their feathered friends make wonderful pets – not just a good Sunday roast – this National Poultry Day. The awareness day takes place on Sunday, 19 March and is most often associated with eating poultry, not keeping them as pets. But the British Hen Welfare Trust […]

Runny Eggs

Whether you’re a complete beginner aiming for your first 5K, or a seasoned runner training for your next marathon – people will sponsor you and raise money to make more hens happy. Even a small amount from each of your friends can make a real difference to our work. You can also take part in a Couch […]

Community Fundraising

Sometimes it seems that our creative and energetic community fundraising supporters can bring in funds to help hens from any event – local shows and fetes, jumble sales, car boot sales and yard sales all offer opportunities to re-cycle, de-clutter and raise some money at the same time – a double feel-good factor! You can sell egg […]

Flip a Free Range Friday

Pancake Day is fast approaching and the British Hen Welfare Trust is encouraging the nation to Flip Free Range pancakes across the country between 24 and 28 February. Better still, inviting friends and family to eat delicious free range pancakes and asking for a small donation to help the charity could put you in with […]

Free range Yorkshire pudds

British Yorkshire Pudding Day – yes there is such a thing! – takes place on Sunday, 5 February and the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) is asking the nation to go free range to celebrate the occasion. Can you rise to the challenge? “Yorkshire puddings are loved across the country but we often forget where […]

Avoid McVitie’s on Chocolate Cake Day

Chocolate cake lovers have the perfect excuse to tuck in to a slice today. But the British Hen Welfare Trust is reminding cake lovers to check the ingredients of their favourite brands before they buy this Chocolate Cake Day (Friday, 27 January). In particular, McVitie’s, whose line includes a delicious-looking chocolate cake, is one to […]

Spread your wings and hug a hen

National Hugging Day takes place on 21 January and the British Hen Welfare Trust is encouraging people to pick up their feathered friends and give them a gentle squeeze! They’re bound to be in need of a good hug by now as they have been cooped up since 6 December, when an Avian Flu Prevention Zone […]