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T’is the season for hen re-homing

Give the greatest gift of all this Christmas – LIFE – by re-homing some ex-commercial hens destined for slaughter! Hundreds of hens in Stamford are patiently perched in their cages waiting to start their festive free range retirement and the British Hen Welfare Trust is appealing to kind-hearted members of the public to adopt them. […]

The hen whistler

We’ve all heard about obedient dogs – but have you ever heard of a hen who comes running to a whistle? That’s exactly the kind of special skill that ‘Emma’ the hen has developed since being re-homed by Lucy Brooks-Marchant. Lucy, from Gillingham, re-homed Emma through the British Hen Welfare Trust’s re-homing point in Biggin […]

Charity volunteers re-home 15,000 Hampshire hens

A small group of volunteers have collectively helped save a staggering 15,000 ex-commercial hens from slaughter. The British Hen Welfare Trust volunteers held their latest re-homing on Saturday, November 26 when they re-homed their 15,000th hen. The re-homing point in Denmead was set up in 2008 by Alice Moneypenny who was Co-ordinator until April last […]

World’s oldest woman credits eggs as key to her age

Cracking way to live until you’re 117 – eat eggs! If you, like most of us, are in search of the secret to a long and health life, it has today been revealed by the world’s oldest woman. Emma Morano has today celebrated her 117th birthday – an age most of us can only dream […]

From cage to castle – hen trio get their fairy tale ending

Three lucky hens are experiencing their own magical fairy tale after being re-homed by Marlene Gray during a collection carried out by the British Hen Welfare Trust in Gateshead. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, named after the iconic characters from Sleeping Beauty, were once destined for slaughter but have now been transformed from ex-caged hens into […]

Hens hoping they don’t get left behind this Christmas

There are thousands of hens sat in their colony cages hoping they aren’t forgotten this Christmas, and the British Hen Welfare Trust is reminding hen-lovers that the birds are looking for room at the inn, and that a home for Christmas is top of their Santa wish list. The charity will be re-homing caged hens […]

Remember remember (your hens on) the 5th of November

Firework season is upon us and hen owners are being reminded to think about their feathered friends during this time. The British Hen Welfare Trust is encouraging people to remember their responsibilities to their hens as well as cats and dogs. Most hens cope well and snooze through the festivities but some hens do suffer […]

Chicken ring bearers leave wedding guests shell-shocked

A pair of hens went from cage to altar when they took on the role of ring bearers at their owners’ wedding. Blossom and Clucky, who are ex-caged chickens, even wore knitted jackets to match the bridesmaids’ dresses which contained little pockets to safeguard the rings. The plucky pair were adopted from the British Hen […]