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eBay – 24 hours in the life of a fundraiser

Several months ago we had a day in the life of Regional Volunteer Community Fundraiser Megan Whiteman who runs an eBay shop. She has raised an astonishing £16,000 for the BHWT to date. Here’s another slice of charity life detailing a thrilling 24 hours, from 10.30am on Sunday to 10.30am on Monday, to show you just […]

The BHWT Egg Club!

Abby Gregory’s Egg Club We now have 44 Egg Clubs around the country, and since we started more than £12,000 has been raised by people setting up their own Egg Club. This is directly helping more hens on their way to life beyond an egg farm. Abby Gregory has been supporting the British Hen Welfare Trust […]

Crochet chickens – we are in need of more please!

As you know we’re pretty mad about chickens…and we’re especially fond of these cute little crochet chickens! They were made by Dawn Sparks who has shared her method with us – see below. We love taking these to events and shows, and people love them, so if any of you are feeling inspired then please […]

Hotel for hens

A hotel for hens?! Who knew such a thing existed! One of our lovely supporters, Wendy Turner, has set up just that alongside her farm shop, and has also raised £25 for the charity through her collection tin! We caught up with Wendy to find out a bit more about this hotel of hers… How […]

Free Range Friday greetings from Hamburg

We just had to highlight a recent Free Range Friday held by the wonderful Yvonne Brunotte – you’ll understand why when you see the gorgeous photos. Yvonne put on a Royal-Tea and Chari-Tea in her home city of Hamburg to coincide with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, and raised £350 for the BHWT! She came […]

Iron man John runs 97 miles for BHWT

The team here at the BHWT are completely and utterly in awe of one of our supporters, John Melbourne, who not only took part in a 97-mile race (just saying that makes us feel tired), but finished FIRST and raised an incredible £515. The Heroes Ultra Crete 2016 started on Saturday, 21 May and finished […]

Megan’s eBay change up

Our Regional Volunteer Community Fundraiser, Megan Whiteman has just hit the £15,000 mark on her eBay shop, all of which has gone to the BHWT! We are so incredibly grateful to Megan for all her hard work. We’re handing over to her here as she has some more news for you… “A change is a […]

Thank you Claire!

Congratulations to Claire Wyman for holding her Free Range Friday and raising a whopping £190 for the BHWT which will save more hens this summer! Claire held a coffee morning, and even treated her guests to a hen slide show! The aim of Free Range Friday is to spread the word so that the whole nation actively […]

Hidden eggs in wine…who knew?!

Our Free Range Friday campaign helps to make people aware of the use of eggs in processed products as well as being a fundraising opportunity for the charity. It’s English Wine Week from May 28 – June 5, and it’s a little known fact that egg whites are used as a fining agent to clarify wine. Be honest, did you know that? […]

Running for the hens…

Pictured here is the wonderful Emma Carter-Nash, who is running the Hull 10k to raise money for the BHWT – go Emma! Emma re-homed five girls through us back in 2015, saying she had always wanted hens but didn’t want to just buy them. “After looking charities up we found yourselves and gave you a call […]