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The good eggs and a bad egg of British Egg Week

Today sees the official start of British Egg Week (5-11 October) 2015, a campaign launched by British Lion eggs to encourage parents and children alike to eat more eggs. All this week we will be reminding you of some of the ‘good egg’ companies who use British free range eggs and putting the spotlight on […]

Happy Birthday to the WI 100 years young today!

Happy Birthday to the WI 100 years young today! The very first WI meeting was held in Llanfairpwll on Anglesey, Wales, on 16 September 1915.  Since then, the organisation has spread its wings to become the biggest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK with over 212,000 members in 6,600 WIs. The WI was first established […]

Wedding bells & donations

You really can do anything to raise money. You can hold a Free Range Friday, run a marathon, swim the English channel or you can even ask your friends and family to contribute donations, rather than gifts, at your wedding like supporters Sarah and John. So far they have raised £125 with more to come. Congratulations […]

France & Germany leading the way

A total of 36 members of the French government from all sides are seeking an end to the practice of killing male layer chicks.  They are instead asking for regulations to be introduced to ensure sex determination in the egg, preventing the need to let male chicks hatch simply to be killed. Germany has announced […]

Christmas Card Drawing Competition for under 10’s

Christmas Card Drawing Competition for under 10’s Why not give your budding artists something to do this summer holiday? We are looking for a winning entry to put on the front cover of our Christmas card. Something that concurs up the spirit of Christmas and why we all love our girls so much. All entries […]

‘It’s All About Hens’ Exhibition

The Harborne Art Gallery, located within Frametec in Harborne, will be hosting an exhibition all about hens! The aptly titled exhibition, ‘It’s All About The Hens’, aims to celebrate the therapeutic contribution that hens can make to people’s lives and to raise awareness for hen welfare. The exhibition has been generously sponsored by Tyndallwoods Solicitors […]

Support the British Hen Welfare Trust through egg sales

Want to support the British Hen Welfare Trust through egg sales?  Then look no further… More and more of our supporters are raising funds by donating the proceeds from sales of the surplus eggs laid by their lovable ladies.  If you would like to take their lead and set up your own ‘Egg Club’ or […]

Product trial for new Red Mite treatment

Here at the BHWT we are always keen to promote the development of better health treatments and products for our lovely hens. We have been asked if our supporters would like to trial a new Red Mite treatment and are hoping that you might want to help? There are 50 free packs up for grabs. […]

The pesky Red Mite – better solutions?

We are not the only ones enjoying the sunshine, inevitably the ubiquitous red mite is taking full advantage of the increasing warmth and is breeding fast.  There are so many products on the market that claim to eradicate the little red devils, and this season we are trialling two products from Chicken Vet: Mite Powder […]

Crisis in the USA impacts BHWT Hens

It’s always fascinated me that the humble egg can have such far reaching influence.  Currently the United States is coping with its worst avian flu crisis, having lost a staggering 10% of its flock since January, that’s around 35 million laying hens or put another way the same number as the entire British laying flock. […]