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Called up to judge by Harbour & Jones

Earlier this year Jane was asked if she would like to guest judge at the Harbour & Jones staff awards, naturally Jane responded with an enormous… “Yes please!” The staff awards were set up last year to celebrate their 10th Birthday and return this year with 10 symbolic categories that represent their values. Jane will be judging the ‘Rising […]

Help save our hens this National Volunteers’ Week

National Volunteers’ Week (1 – 7 June) is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution volunteers make to the country and last year celebrated its 30th anniversary. Volunteers are a vital part of our work and we are always on the lookout for new people to join our team. Early mornings, loading and unloading hens, greeting re-homers, […]

Nine out of ten eggs…

Nine out of ten eggs …produced outside the EU are from caged hens; this is the latest fact to come out of the International Egg Commission. Within the UK we know that more than half of all laying hens are free range, but in EU countries such as Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Croatia […]

Bugs are good for you!

A survey launched last year in the EU found that over 70% of consumers would eat fish and meat from animals fed on a diet containing insect protein. The project called PROTEINSECT is now asking EU 1,000+ consumers again if they would approve animal products from animals that ate insect protein. Insects provide high protein […]

FAB £10 anonymous donation, signed Daniel W

Earlier this year we received a FAB £10 anonymous donation, signed simply Daniel W, and because we like to send a personal thank you to everyone who donates, it was important that we found Daniel. Katy, our social media wiz, posted a photo of Daniel’s letter along with a message explaining why we were looking […]

Support Adoption for Pets

Support Adoption for Pets have awarded us an incredible… drum roll please… £8,500! This fabulous grant will enable us purchase not one, but two BRAND NEW trailers, a big trailer for our Kent team and another for our Oxford team. This is a huge help to the charity and will mean that thousands of lucky […]

Avian Flu Outbreak

There was an outbreak of avian flu in East Yorkshire earlier this year and we thought it timely to remind you that we all need to do our bit to ensure we comply with legislation and maintain our own backyard version of bio security. Although it’s not a legal requirement for those of us with […]

Find the Golden Egg!

Will you be first to find the golden egg? To celebrate our tenth birthday on April 15th, 2015 we are giving you the chance to win a bottle of champagne for you and a bag of Smallholder Range Feed for your girls.  All you have to do is have a good look around our brand […]

Over 1,250 Hens Homed in 48 Hours!

WOW… you are all so kind! Earlier this week (Tuesday 7th April , 2015) we asked all our Facebook supporters to help share our urgent re-homing appeal. At the very last minute hundreds of ex-battery hens had become available to us and we were against the clock to find them all homes ready for our Hen […]

Happy Birthday to Us!

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary, that’s 10 years of happy hens and a BIG Happy Birthday to us!

Here are a few words from founder of the British Hen Welfare Trust, Jane Howorth, “I am thrilled to be celebrating our tenth anniversary, and more importantly to have found homes for so many hens and introduced people to the joys of keeping our lovely ex-bats. Of course we could not have achieved this without our wonderful team of 300+ volunteers around the UK; they have worked so hard to help so many hens.”