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Have you been told you cannot keep hens?

Check with your local council before adopting hens. Some properties have covenants forbidding the keeping of hens due to their classification as livestock. However The Allotments Act 1950, Chapter 31, Section 12 states that regardless of clauses in leases/ tenancies/ covenants/ contracts or agreements to the contrary, the occupier of any land can keep hens […]

Why do my hens lay soft shell eggs?

By Gaynor Davies There is no nicer treat than checking your hen’s nest box and finding a perfect egg laid just for you. However, sometimes the eggs we find are not the smooth perfect eggs that we would find on a supermarket shelf. It is important to remember that whatever the shape, colour or texture […]

Flipping Free Range Friday!

As Pancake Day is coming up we thought it was about time to hold another Free Range Friday! This time, it involves pancakes – woohoo! If you hold a Free Range Friday between Friday, 24 February and Pancake Day which is on Tuesday, 28 February you could be in with a chance of winning a Nutri Snack […]

How to set up a JustGiving page

Are you ready and raring to raise money and save the lives of thousands a hens? If you are online and would like a nice easy way of getting your sponsorship organised, then JustGiving is the website for you. We’ve put together a miniature guide on creating a fundraising page using JustGiving to get you […]

How does my hen produce an egg every day?

By Gaynor Davies The humble commercial hybrid hen (our lovely ex-bat) has been designed and modified over the years to ensure peak egg production and consistency of yield. Compared to her fancy breed cousins and broilers bred entirely for meat production, the commercial layer carries little spare flesh and concentrates all her energy into produce […]

The most incredible Festive Free Range Friday…

One of our fantastic supporters Yvonne Brunotte has raised another £425 for the BHWT, which now brings her total to a whopping £1,290 since June 2016! We are just in awe of her incredible efforts and cannot thank her enough. We get excited each and every time we know Yvonne will be holding a fundraiser […]

Avian Flu – reporting non-compliance

We know our supporters are abiding by the Defra Prevention Zone regulations and that you are keen to ensure that everyone who keeps poultry is taking the same precautions. Today we have been advised by the APHA (the Animal and Plant Health Agency is a department within Defra) that if you would like to report […]

An update on avian flu

Afternoon everyone As promised we want to keep you abreast of any latest news, and also provide some further advice, regarding the avian flu threat currently in the UK. HENS STILL RANGING OUTDOORS: we are regularly receiving calls from people who have been letting their birds free range. Please share this post, tell your friends […]

Oh rats!

By Gaynor Davies Rats! It can be frustrating to find that some unwanted four-footed company has moved in to our hen run. Often the first indication is a chewed corner on a feed bag but you may notice strategically placed tunnel entrances in the soil close to your hen house. Rats have been known to […]

Avian Flu Prevention Zone extended

An Avian Flu Prevention Zone put in place by Defra on 6 December for 30 days has now been extended until 28 February.  Whilst legally we can move hens, bird gatherings are banned and our re-homing work falls into this category.  We must also add that we do not want to exacerbate a vulnerable situation […]