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We find caring homes for thousands of commercial laying hens destined for slaughter each year and have hen collection points all over the country. We do not make a charge for the hens or their adoption, but we do welcome donations which go towards covering what we pay the farmers, vet fees, petrol, phone bills, trailers, equipment and feed as well as supporting our ongoing and very successful campaign work for a free range future. The average donation we receive is £3-5 per hen but any donation will be gratefully received.

It is an Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories requirement that all hens are traceable and therefore we require full contact details of re-homers.

If you would like to adopt some caged hens follow steps 1, 2 and 3 below:


Please read our 'Caring for Hens and FAQs' page even if you have previous experience in hen keeping, there are important points you need to read.


Register your details online (optional). Submitting your details online may speed up the booking process but does NOT guarantee a hen booking; we will still need to speak to you before confirmation of a hen booking can be made.


Email or call our Hen Central Reservations team.

Remember, you need to speak to Hen Central Reservations  before your hen adoption can be confirmed.

Free range hens
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