Colonel Cluck, a friendly one-year-old silkie bantam

Rattlesden near Stowmarket, Suffolk • Breed: Silkie Batam • Age: One-year-old

Colonel Cluck is around one year old and very friendly. He is a silkie bantam and likes to help with the gardening, picking out worms and digging. We were told the four young chickens we got last summer were all hens, but unfortunately, two were cockerels, one of which we have re-homed. Colonel has started crowing, and although not as loud as our previous (and regular-size cockerel), he is too loud for where we live. He has beautiful plumage and blue ‘cheeks’ and a very fluffy bottom! We would be so grateful to find a good home for him, although sad to see him go.


Contact Phone Number: 01449 257043

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