Five-month-old Speckled Sussex bantam

Dorking • Breed: Speckled Sussex bantam • Age: Five-months-old

Barbara is a 5 month old cockerel but was named Barbara and reared from birth by my wife (a teacher of 6 year olds) in school.  Unlike her sisters Barbara turned out to be more Bob than Babs and is now looking for a new home.  We’d love to see her rehoused and are very happy to deliver her to a new home within a reasonable distance.  She’s very relaxed around people and eats from my hand.  We’re not sure what breed she is but believe she is a Speckled Sussex bantam.  She is beautiful.

For the avoidance of doubt she (Barbara) is a he – but having known him as Barbara from birth its now very difficult to change names.

Barbara has a brother called Freeby and, while both are free to go to any good home, perfection would be sending them together – you can see Freeby advertised here as well.


Contact Phone Number: 07966118322

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