Four-month-old cockerel – Re-homed!

Dorking • Age: Four-months-old

Meet Freeby: Freeby is a 4 month old cockerel.  He was raised from a chick and was initially our smallest bird.  Very quickly he has taken over all of the bantums including our bantum Speckled Sussex ‘Barbara’ (also advertised here) and our exchequer leghorn, Rhode island red and Langhorn

Freeby is a bit of a wally but is very gentle and very used to being around people and will feed from my hand (when he wants to).  He wanders round our garden with his flock but needs to find a new home.

Ideally we’d love to re-home Freeby with Barbara (also advertised here) but would be grateful for any new home.  We are happy to deliver assuming not too far.

Thanks for looking

Freeby’s dad

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