Bake, For Hens’ Sake!

The aim of a free range bake sale is to raise funds and awareness for the British Hen Welfare Trust by asking individuals, companies and community groups to hold a get together with friends, family or colleagues and cook or bake using free range eggs.

Fundraising packs are provided which include all the materials you need to get you started; invitation cards, posters, stickers and a handy guide full of ideas of how to make your event a success.

Funds are raised by guests making a donation towards their bake sale, whether that’s a breakfast, brunch, lunch, picnic in the park, teatime pancakes or five- course dinner. So what are you waiting for?! Bake, For Hens’ Sake!

Theme your bake sale!

You can hold your bake sale whenever takes your fancy but, if you’re struggling for inspiration, why not theme your event and hold it at Easter, during National Picnic Week, at Halloween or Christmas? It means you can go mad with the mini eggs, potty for Picnic Week or crazy at Christmas!

If you’d like to hear about some of our fundraisers who have already held their own events, simply click here.

Want to get involved? Simply fill out your details below to request your free fundraising pack. Otherwise, download your own themed materials using the links below!

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