Leaving a gift in your will


You can help us to help caged hens by leaving a gift in your Will. We make every penny we receive work for the benefit of these humble creatures through our positive campaigns and our educational work.

Making a Will is the only way you can be sure that the money you leave benefits the people and causes that really matter to you. It  is best done through a solicitor; that way there is no room for error (the legal jargon can sometimes be confusing).  Any money you leave to a charity is not taxable, one of the few times you are able to beat the taxman!

There are 3 types of legacy gift:

You can use the following wording as either part of a new Will or as a Codicil to an existing one.

I give to the “British Hen Welfare Trust” registered charity number 1147356, whose head office is or was Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, Devon EX36 4RF. (WHAT YOU WANT TO GIVE) absolutely free of taxes and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer of the said ” British Hen Welfare Trust” shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors.

It is very important that the name of the charity; British Hen Welfare Trust and the charity number 1147356, are clearly shown. Remember to keep your Will up to date – if you marry, divorce, separate or are widowed, you will need to alter it.

For more information download our Legacies leaflet.

If you have any queries please contact Claire Joselin on 01884 860084 or send her an email.


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