Sponsor a Hen – Guinevere

Guinevere was one of four hens pulled from her colony cage and adopted in Denmead in October 2016. She started her free range life as a timid hen, but it took her no time at all to settle in and she showed approval of her new home in the only way she knew.  With a nice, fresh and tasty egg!

Guinevere lives in a posh part of town residing at Cluckingham Palace in Camelot Coop with her three posh friends Igraine, Morgan Le Fey and Lady of the Lake. They are ladies that lunch.

Guinevere is a small hen with a big character, and she is enjoying every single moment of her free range retirement in Denmead.  Thank you for sponsoring Guinevere; by doing so, you are helping us to help many more lucky little hens just like her.  You’ll also get regular updates about Guinevere.

Every hen sponsored is a boost for the charity, so thank you for your support.

Simply click below to set up your Direct Debit. You can also pay the full annual amount if you wish. Once you have set up your Direct Debit we will contact you regarding a delivery date for your pack.


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