Sponsor a Hen – Dee

After 10 years of helping all our beloved hens (just think huge amounts of feathery gorgeousness), our very special 500,000th girl, Dee, was adopted in January amidst a flurry of hugs, smiles, bubbles (as in champagne) and oh yes feathers! And what an occasion it turned out to be!

Dee did not get adopted alone. Together with a few equally lucky feathered retiring colleagues, she went off to her new home complete with a swanky new des-res hen house, cosy bedding, a year’s supply of feed and a host of other hen delights.

If you would like to hear how she’s getting on in her new home you can sponsor Dee and provide more of her friends with a happy retirement. By sponsoring Dee today, you’ll become a part of this special girl’s life and be kept up to date with her progress.

Simply complete your details and tell us the name and address of the lucky recipient, and we’ll do the rest. Every hen sponsored is a boost for the charity, so thank you for your support.

Simply click below to set up your Direct Debit. You can also pay the full annual amount if you wish. Once you have set up your Direct Debit we will contact you regarding a delivery date for your pack.

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