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2017 Press Releases

  • Hens help the homeless – June Read More
  • Therapy farm adopts therapeutic hens – June Read More
  • Lend a hen a helping hand – June Read More
  • Thousands of steps taken to improve hen welfare – June Read More
  • Pretty Poultry – June Read More
  • The hencredible Houdini – June Read More
  • Popstar-turned-turkey-farmer spontaneously adopts ex-bats after stumbling upon re-homing – May Read More
  • Deborah Meaden adopts ex-bats – May Read More
  • Time to eggucate! – May Read More
  • 20,000 ex-commercial hens find homes in Essex – May Read More
  • Seven-year-old raises £1,000 to save hens from slaughter – May Read More
  • Pack up a perfect picnic and help save hens from slaughter – May Read More
  • Writer, broadcaster and entertainer Pam Ayres adopts four ex-commercial hens – May Read More
  • Chickens remain UK’s sixth most popular pet – May Read More
  • Ex-bat stars in The Durrells and features on Graham Norton Show – April Read More
  • The Perfect Perch – April Read More
  • Digs in Dorset – March Read More
  • Can you host in Hereford? – March Read More
  • Go potty for poultry on National Poultry Day – March Read More
  • Flints ignite virtual challenge – February Read More
  • Flip a Free Range Friday – February Read More
  • Free Range Yorkshire Pudds – February Read More
  • Spread your wings and hug a hen – January Read More
  • Avoid Mcvitie’s this Chocolate Cake Day – January Read More
  • Lonely Hearts page for cockerels hopes to find handsome chaps new homes – January Read More
  • Thousands of hens miss out on new homes thanks to avian flu – January Read More

2016 Press Releases

  • Bumper year for North Devon charity as 56,000 hens find new homes – December Read More
  • Hens hoping they don’t get left behind this Christmas – December Read More
  • The hen whistler – December Read More
  • Chip in for chickens and help build UK’s first hen welfare and education centre – December Read More
  • Charity volunteers re-home 15,000 Hampshire hens – November Read More
  • World’s oldest woman credits eggs as key to her age – November Read More
  • T’is the season for hen re-homing – November Read More
  • From cage to castle – hen trio get their fairy tale ending – November Read More
  • Remember remember (your hens on) the 5th of November – November Read More
  • Charity appeals for new re-homing site – October Read More
  • Chicken ring bearers leave wedding guests shell-shocked – October Read More
  • Egg-stra special charity event sees 1,000th hen re-homed in Redruth – October Read More
  • Cockerel escapes slaughter after being found among caged hens – September Read More
  • Eggstra large red hen hatches at Devon charity – September Read More
  • British Hen Welfare Day – August Read More
  • Wiltshire / Kent trailer update – July Read More
  • Re-homing centre application – June Read More
  • Flip a fundraiser for the British Hen Welfare Trust – February Read More
  • World-record Breaking First for British Hen Charity – January Read More

2015 Press Releases

  • MBE for champion of hen welfare – December Read More
  • Could you Ho Ho Home some hens this Christmas – November Read More
  • Forget the A-team it’s all about the Hentastic H-team! – October Read More
  • Forget ‘Trick or Treat’ adopt some hens this Halloween – October Read More
  • The British Hen Welfare Trust gains Another Feather in its Cap – October Read More
  • Cracking offer from Omlet on World Egg Day will help charity re-home hundreds more hens – October Read More
  • Good eggs and bad eggs this British Egg Week – October Read More
  • Could you give a hen like Pumpkin a home this Autumn? – October 2015 Read More
  • The Peckingham Palace has landed! – September 2015 Read More
  • Twelve Poems about Chickens – August 2015 Read More
  • Smallholder Range Feed is back by popular demand! – August 2015 Read More
  • Heather Trefusis’ ‘chick lit’ boosts national hen welfare charity – August 2015 Read More
  • Fairy tale ending for lucky ex commercial hens – July 2015 Read More
  • Feathered Dinosaurs Seek New World to Explore… – July 2015 Read More
  • Clucky Birthday Prince George! – July 2015 Read More
  • Lazy days and daisy chains – June 2015 Read More
  • Can you give Thistle and her friends a loving home? – June 2015 Read More
  • Royally good home needed for hens Charlotte, Elizabeth and Diana – May 2015 Read More
  • Win tickets to the Exeter Food Festival – April 2015 Read More
  • Celebrating 10 years of happy hens – April 2015 Read More
  • Homes wanted for Spring chickens – March 2015 Read More
  • Join Hen Welfare Charity & a Host of Celebrities at the Edible Garden Show 2015 – March 2015 Read More
  • Flip a fundraiser for the British Hen Welfare Trust – February 2015 Read More
  • Spirited Older Lady Hens Seek Long Term Love & Companionship – February 2015 Read More
  • Hold a Free Range Friday & Raise Funds for the British Hen Welfare Trust – February 2015 Read More
  • Chickens for the Chop in Corrie? – February 2015 Read More
  • Spirited older lady hens seek love and entertainment – January 2015 Read article

2014 Press Releases

  • John is in training for a record breaking attempt – April 2014 Read article
  • Hen supporter gets on his bike for charity – March 2014 Read article
  • British Hen Welfare Trust scoops South West Social Media Award – January 2014 Read article
  • Lucky Lancashire hen is charity’s 400,000th! – January 2014 Read article

2013 Press Releases

  • Coventry hen charity crows about its 100th hen collection – November 2013 Read article
  • Special Delivery – Postman goes the ‘eggstra’ mile – November 2013 Read article
  • Household name Kate Humble has become a patron of the British Hen Welfare Trust – February 2013 Read article

2012 Press Releases

2011 Press Releases

  • To ‘Liberty’ Britain’s Last Battery Hen – December 2011 Read article
  • Consumer Buying Habits? Not What We Eggs-pected! – October 2011 Read article
  • Corrie Star Helps Keep Hens ‘Off the Streets’ – October 2011 Read article
  • Caged Hens Find Freedom Behind Bars – October 2011 Read article
  • Lucky Easter chick ‘Princess Kate’ helps Charity celebrate 250,000 hens! – April 2011 Read article
  • Hen Charity announces celebration of 250,000 re-homed battery hens – Saturday 16th April Read article

2010 Press Releases

  • ‘Halcyon’ days for 13 lucky hens!- July 2010 Read article
  • Devon hen Charity stars in Jimmy Doherty’s BBC2 programme- July 2010 Read article
  • Hen Charity backs British Egg Industry – March 2010 Read article
  • Hen Welfare Charity backs British egg farmers! – March 2010 Read article

Older Press Releases

  • Hen Welfare Charity rallies MPs to support UK Egg Production – November 2009 Read article
  • Charity Aims to Tickle Mr Kipling’s Fancies with Free Range Feather Campaign – April 2009 Read article
  • Team Gold for Battery Hen Welfare Trust – August 2008 Read article
  • Chicken Charity defends British Caged Producers – April 2008 Read article
  • Jamie’s Fowl Dinners ‘Jamie Chicken Plea leads to Battery Hen Charity Surge’ – January 2008 Read article
  • Jamie’s Fowl Dinners ‘The UK Poultry Industry under the Spotlight’ – January 2008 Read article