Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 12

An increasing number of our supporters are raising funds by
donating the proceeds from egg sales and they have been
an inspiration to us. In the last issue we promised the official
launch of the BHWT egg club in our 10
Anniversary year,
and here it is! You’ll see a brief round-up from our founding
egg club members Diane Slaney and Cindy Farrington, and
learn more from new members who we’re egging on with
stickers that are rarer than hens’ teeth – see left!
Manor House Farm Egg Club
Diane Slaney hatched her club last
year and has 60 hens who fundraise
for the charity; Diane started the club
as a way to indulge her passion for
hens and help BHWT at the same time.
She has raised over £800, a sum of
which both she and her girls are
Cindy’s Cheerful Chicks
Cindy Farrington, sent us a cheque for
over £500 at Christmas – that’s partly
due to the willingness of her girls to
perform, but mainly because Cindy’s
friends and colleagues are
eggstremely generous.
"We are proud to have such a
long association with the British
Hen Welfare Trust and pleased to
be feeding the nation's ex-bats.
Good luck for the future."
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