Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 20

We’ve had a huge clutch of Good Eggs who have fundraised for us over the
first 10 years of the charity’s life, and we have more supporters running and
baking and shaking collection tins than ever before. And now, as part of our
anniversary celebrations, we are proud to announce our new Award –
BHWT Egg Cup
. It’s a multi-functional cup designed to either sit on your
mantelpiece, or be used for breakfast, but it’s special in that it signifies the
recipient’s herculean efforts to help hens.
We could have chosen
many people, but the two named below have – in
our view – gone above and beyond the norm to help hens. So in no particular
order, it is my great pleasure to announce the recipients for 2015 (cue drum
We featured Megan in the last edition of
Chicken & Egg
for her amazin’ fundraizin’!
Megan started supporting the charity in
July 2011 when she adopted six ex-bats
from our Coventry team, and soon fell in
love with the girls as did her parents,
Dawn and Andrew.
And then Megan got into eBay selling, like
seriously got into it … and d’you know she
has raised over £7,000 since she started! I
don’t like mis-use of the word ‘awesome’,
but Megan is awesome!
Megan is so willing to help and will turn
her hand to anything; she has featured in
magazines with her fundraising
achievements and sells knitted items
through Omlet, with proceeds coming
back to the charity. Megan’s latest
offering of help to the charity is to write a
Sponsor-A-Hen story, and you can buy
Pumpkin’s sponsor pack from our shop,
Megan Whiteman!
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