Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 21

Sophie joined the charity in October
2011, volunteering for our Lancashire
team on hen collection days. Then
Sophie asked to set up her own
team, and we said yes … 6,676 hens
have benefited as a result of that
decision. But re-homing hens wasn’t
enough for Sophie, so she started
fundraising. An abseil off the
National Lift Tower, a 3 Peaks
Challenge and a most unusual
fundraiser called One Little Egg
whereby an egg was swapped for a
marmite gift set, which was
swapped for a signed Star Trek
script, until Sophie ended up with a
painting worth £1,000 which is still
awaiting a swap (anyone interested
please contact Sophie at
some point the final swapped article
will be turned into a lump sum
donation for the charity … and it all
started with One Little Egg.
Yet Sophie still wanted to do more,
so next she wrote a Sponsor-A-Hen
story for us about ‘Angel’ who is still
with Sophie and on her way to 6yrs
old. Sophie’s on a roll, so obviously
she wrote a book, unsurprisingly
about hens, and profits came into
the charity from that too.
Sophie has raised an astonishing total of
£8,581 for our hens. And what I need to
point out is that in 2012, when we were
working so incredibly hard across the
country to help as many of the last
battery hens in their tiny barren cages
(we helped nearly 70,000), Sophie
postponed a serious operation just so that
she didn’t miss out on helping the girls, it
was simply too important to her. What
her consultant said I don’t know, but
what I said was something along the lines
‘OMG, you’re incredible’ – meaning
it. Sophie, you richly deserve our BHWT
Egg Cup, well done and thank you.
Sophie McCoy!
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“We’d like to wish all
our friends at the
British Hen Welfare
Trust a very happy
tenth birthday – we’re
so proud to partner
with such a dedicated
and inspiring team.”
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