Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 6

The happy egg co. likes to ensure
its hens are happy all of the time
and research carried out last year
found that playing different types
of music to laying hens resulted in
different egg production rates.
When listening to classical music
the happy egg co. girls laid 6%
more eggs than when One
Direction was on the airwaves –
interesting, but not surprising
perhaps! The happy egg co.
released a “Top of the Flocks”
album to help boost hen
happiness, relaxation and
productivity and this can be
downloaded via their website
Rock around the Cluck?
Mr Chicken of
No 10 Downing Street
Yes, we all know who lives at No 10
now, but did you know that the last
private residents of No 10 were called
Mr & Mrs Chicken who lived there
before the first Prime Minister?!
Sir Robert Walpole, largely viewed as
the UK’s first Prime Minister, proposed
to the King of the day, King George II,
that the residence be enlarged and
given by the Crown to the Office of
First Lord of the Treasury. Sir Robert
also suggested that the property be
handed to the next incumbent PM of
the day, and so on.
The idea was accepted by the King,
but that meant that Sir Robert had to
persuade Mr Chicken and his flock to
move to another house in Downing
If we’d been around, perhaps we
could have helped?!
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