Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 66

When I first set up the charity, I’d never
heard of social media although that won’t
surprise my colleagues, who know I’m a
bit of a Luddite when it comes to anything
remotely ‘new-fangled’; they would say
I’ve not really improved either …and
they’d probably be right! My first one
page newsletter went to 34 people by
, and I thought I was cool…
You loved this recently on Facebook when Katy in
the office reminded everyone that Friday was on its
Yet now look at us, we’re on Facebook
with friendly chicken chat amongst our
12,702 followers, we tweet to 4,317 of you
and we’re just starting to make our
Pinterest boards more interesting
too. Pinterest, for the uninitiated like me,
provides a visual discovery and sharing
tool. Users create and share collections of
things they like so they can be shared with
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