Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 67

The positive attitude of the @BHWTOfficial
campaign is inspiring. Great to chat to them just now about the work
they do with British farms.
on't over-estimate how many hens your ground will
support and choose your coop wisely, size guides aren't always right!
see you
we are creating 'The Chicken
Coop' feature with our friends
huffed with these -
doing my bit for the
got these funky egg cups from their
online shop :)
We are just introducing our NEW
LinkedIn page, too, Linkedin is a
business-oriented social networking
facility. Launched in 2003 it has 20
million members and more than 259
million users in over 200 countries!
Facebook: BritishHenWelfareTrust
Twitter: @BHWTOfficial
Pinterest: bhwtofficial
Linkedin: British Hen Welfare Trust
Twitter is a great way to for us to share all our latest
#BHWT updates, news, events, top tips and general
#ChickenChatter! It’s also a brilliant way for you to get in
touch with us and we are always delighted hear your
feedback, like how much you love our egg cups, thank
you @HelloBeckyH. Here are just a few of your tweets:
You can visit our page by typing
Hen Welfare Trust
in the top search bar
on your Linkedin, we will be including
voluntary posts, corporate interviews and
more as we progress. Please do take a
look and join up.
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