Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 69

Now we know this isn't quite our
usual ‘And Finally’ feature, but
frankly this hen - Flash the Flying
Chicken - caused a real stir on
Facebook recently and made us
all laugh so much in the office, we
just had to share it with you.
Flash started her first few weeks of
retirement at North Parks in
September 2014, but when Helen
Poole came along to collect
some hens, she instantly took a
fancy to one-eyed Flash and took
her under her wing along with
three other 'limpy hens'.
Flash took to free range living fast,
and despite her one-eyed
handicap she developed a taste
for elderberries a few weeks after
being with Helen. She learnt to
jump for them and reaped the
rewards, but it seems it's a
one-girl sport, with the other hens
simply being around to polish up
the berries that fall, or be fed by
Don't you agree this photo
epitomises the exuberance for life
that these hens have - you can
just see the determination and joy
in Flash's attempts to catch her
tasty treats! If she could speak, I
reckon she'd be saying 'Who
called me a spent hen?!'
And Finally ... FLASH
the flying chicken
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