Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 72

Eglu Go Hen House
This innovative and modern
plastic hen house from Omlet is
designed to house up to three
hens. Being plastic, it is easy to
clean and has a slide out
droppings tray which simply
pulls out for the daily "poo pick"!
Prices from:
Feathers and Beaky
This funky chicken feeder has an anti-tip
design to
help prevent
along with
height legs
making this
the ultimate
Eltex Galvanised Drinker
For a hardwearing, easy-to-fill drinker, try
this. Made from heavy
gauge galvanised sheet
steel it is sturdy in all
weathers, and will
give you years of
good service.
half gallon drinker)
Our online shop has had a makeover and is now bigger,
better and easier to use!
You will find everything you need to give your hens a wonderful new
home, and there are gifts, treats and more!
New look
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