Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 73

Dust Bath Shelter
Chickens need to dust bath
regularly to remove mites.
Sunnyfields have designed
this Dust Bath Shelter so your
chickens can dust bath all
year round, even in wet
weather. Just fill up to the
front panel with soil, peat or
(includes delivery)
Feathers & Beaky 2ltr Drinker
This new top fill drinker from Feathers &
Beaky has a
unique lid to
make filling
from the top
easy. You can
wave good
bye to upside
down filling
and dripping –
and it looks
fantastic too.
Hentastic Chick Sticks & Feeder
6 delicious and nutritious 100% natural and
vegetable-based Hentastic Chick Sticks®
with cinnamon
and spice. Use
with the specially-
Hentastic Chick
Sticks® Hanging
Feeder to provide
your chickens
with a tasty and
healthy treat.
Price: Feeder and
Chick Sticks
Feathers & Beaky Vegetable/
Treat Holder
No more bored chickens
here! This robust and
quirky feeder can be
hung up in your
chicken’s run to hold
vegetables or treats,
keeping them off the
ground to encour-
age exercise.
Hentastic Foraging Feeder &
All of our feathered 'testers' gave these
nutritious and
delicious foraging
cakes a big
thumbs up! Helps
chickens to use
their natural
Price: Feeder
and Cake
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