Chicken & Egg Issue 10 - Spring 2015 - page 9

Enter my first volunteers – Sarah and Jilly,
they’re both still involved in the charity;
Sarah is a Trustee, and Jilly helps on hen
collection days.
Then I had another stroke of luck when
‘Bump’ impressed the local journalist by
tearing around the corner when I whistled
– wings stretched full out! The ‘bump’ was
on her eye; she lived for 8 years, had a
great time, and helped the charity on its
way. Local publicity, led to national –
enough to bring in one of the key
volunteers: Adele Hall. Donations started
coming in, my jug on the welsh dresser
wasn’t quite proper, so I set up a bank
account for the girls and realized I needed
to take the next step and make re-homing
hens official.
I posted the Charity Commission
application in December 2004, and the
leaping up and down in the kitchen
happened on 15
April 2005 – our official
start date.
Enter Adele (Lancashire) again who has
not only helped to re-home hens (28,815
to date), but has helped take the charity
from poo-covered scraps of paper, to a
sophisticated bang-on-trend database.
Jean (Essex) and Lucy (South Wales) also
joined in 2005 as did Beverley (Surrey) and
John & Carolyn (Lincolnshire). The charity
was well on its way.
I can honestly say that right from the start I
was determined to handle the controversy
of keeping hens in battery cages in a
positive way. I treated farmers with
respect, and was interested to learn what
made the industry tick. I had some brilliant
lucky breaks – one came in the form of
Philip Martin – pullet rep, egg packer,
wheeler and dealer who I met at a farm.
Philip sadly passed away last year, but he
supported me from that first meeting, and
although a little bemused, he approved of
what I was trying to achieve. I owe him a
My first two volunteers, Sarah
(above) and Jilly
Philip Martin
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