Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 10

And there are thousands of you quietly,
gently, steadily influencing British
consumers (family, friends and
colleagues) who buy eggs and products
containing eggs in supermarkets.
This year our educational spread has
found its way into more events and
country shows. Naomi, our events leader
below, has attended several big county
shows (with superb local volunteer
support, thank you everyone) and the
warmth with which she is welcomed is
simply lovely.
Spreading the Word
Chicken & Egg magazine goes from
strength to strength, and we have more
than doubled our print run to 15,000
since spring 2012 with of course over
30,000 e-magazines being distributed
too. You gave lots of feedback on what
you like to read and have been
incredibly supportive with a clear
majority stating that you would be happy
to donate towards its cost. The value in
leaving copies in local surgeries, vet
practices, libraries, dentists is obvious;
ultimately we can save more hens from
Expanding our Re-homing
The future of the British Hen Welfare Trust
is all about helping more hens live a
good quality working life, and giving as
many as possible a fabulous retirement.
It started with one team in Devon, and
we now have 31 teams spanning the
country. In the next few years, we have
two major plans:
Firstly we hope to expand in Scotland.
We have a great core team in St
Andrews, Fife led by Cheryl and
including volunteer, Louise, from the
local SSPCA. We hope to set up more
teams and work with more farms, and
we’ll keep you posted on hen news
north of the border.
Secondly we hope to open a new
permanent flagship re-homing point
here at Hope Chapel in our lovely 2 acre
paddock together with educational
facilities aimed at introducing more
people to the joys of our hens. We are in
the very early stages of this project, but
you can be sure, too, that we’ll keep you
informed as it progresses.
Finally DEE – we are now within easy
reach of Dee, our 500,000
hen, so-
called because ‘D’ is 500,000 in Roman
Numerals. At the time of going to print
we have 489,000+ hens under our belt,
and Dee should be arriving within the
next 2-3 months all being well. What an
amazing end to our 10
birthday year
she will be if she arrives in time but
Dee comes out you will hear
about her!
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