Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 13

Fancy joining in? Here are some simple steps to get you started…
Adopt some hens
Spoil them with good quality feed and lashings of TLC
Explain to the girls that as part of their retirement it would be nice to help their
working colleagues by laying eggs for your egg club
Ask friends and family for a donation in exchange for gifts of freshly laid eggs
Start building a little nest egg to send to the BHWT
Once your egg round becomes regular, give it a name!
NB. Please note that anyone with more than 50 hens needs to be registered with Defra
and cannot legally sell eggs to the public. Our Egg Club initiative is not intended to
pinch ‘trade’ from the industry but to provide a small cottage-industry style fundraiser.
Send us your first donation and information about your Egg Club, preferably with
photos, and we will send you our fab free sticker … you can’t buy it on the High Street!
If you would like to know more about the BHWT Egg Club before joining, simply drop an
email to
and she will be happy to help.
Beverly Brown has re-homed 20 lucky BHWT hens ,
and places her surplus eggs outside her home with an
honesty box for customers to make donations. Beverly
“It was an obvious decision to send
donations to the charity when we started selling
surplus eggs as it is such a fantastic cause. It allows
the hens to contribute something back to the charity
they came from.”
Beverly also bakes delicious cakes to share with her
friends who often donate for a box of eggs at the
same time. And we simply love this idea, raise funds,
eat tasty treats – it’s got to be done!
Thanks, too, to our friends at Omlet again for the first
corporate Egg Club donation of £158 - exceedingly
eggcellent stuff!
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