Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 14

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Our aspiration for the future is to see our lovely hens enjoy good health
in their new homes, and our Advice Line is fast becoming invaluable to
a growing number of supporters. Here is my first column covering some
of the topics I routinely come across:
Hello Gaynor
We collected our girls on Sunday. All went well, however, there appears to be a
couple of bullies emerging; the attacks are quite vicious, to the point where it is
driving the other hens away from food/water. Just wondered if you have any ideas for
controlling delinquent behaviour. Regards Shelley (Essex)
Hello Shelley
The best method is to provide distraction. A pile of
straw in the middle of the run with corn mixed
in for the girls to root about in is usually a
big hit. Also hanging up old CDs or half
a cabbage on strings can be
beneficial, and put several feed
and water dishes down to avoid
low ranking hens being kept
Finally, use a water pistol or
squeezy bottle to squirt
water close to the ground in
front of aggressive hens;
when they see running
water, they will immediately
chase it (a quirk with ex-
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