Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 20

We are always grateful to anyone who sends us a donation, no matter how large or small, it
all adds up to us helping more hens, so in our opinion the following are all Good Eggs!
Jim Bowen and his wife
have been valued supporters since 2011, and have
re-homed over 75 lucky hens from the BHWT during that time. They run an organic 300
acre farm called Abercych Clynfyw Care Farm, which offers socially and
therapeutically beneficial projects to disabled, disadvantaged and socially excluded
people in the community. Jim has previously undertaken a
Free Range Friday
more recently organised an Easter Egg Hunt with 23 children happily attending, albeit
in the driving rain! Despite the weather, spirits were not dampened, and the children
found 160 beautifully painted eggs, which had been carefully hidden all over the
farm. Fun was had and funds were raised - £113.50 to be exact and we think that’s
plain great!
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