Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 21

And finally for this particular clutch of the many, many Good Eggs out there, we
feature teacher,
Millie Fulcher
, and her event during Charity Week at Monk's Walk
School. Millie feels it is vital that students
are educated about the origins of the
food we buy and eat so with little
influence and persuasion from herself,
her class jumped at the chance to raise
money for the BHWT – and here’s why...
Millie’s Year 8 Form set up a ‘Free Range
Egg Roulette - Teachers Spin the Wheel’
event. Ever heard of that before? We
hadn’t either, but what fun! According
to the rules (great rules) teachers spun
the wheel and where it landed dictated
the type of egg that was lobbed at
them: hardboiled or raw! Somewhat
inevitably the students found it hard to
stop egging on their teachers taking
particular pleasure in torturing the
Assistant Head Teacher (poor Miss Kirk).
However, the dastardly fun was offset by
raising £50 for the British Hen Welfare
Trust, so there’s no complaints from us. A
big thank you to Millie, her students, and
of course Miss Kirk– you were an eggstra
special star Miss!
Our second featured Good Egg
Pat Freeman
, another
outstanding supporter since
2011, who aside from re-homing
23 hens and holding her ‘Bake
with Compassion’ event, has
also set about organising an
annual garden party to raise
awareness and funds for the
British Hen Welfare Trust.
In April 2015, Pam organised her
sixth garden party for us, raising
an astonishing £367.80. Once
again, a HUGE thank you to Pam
and her fellow supporters. A
special mention must also go to
The Co-operative, Food
Outwood, Morrisons and
Sainsburys who kindly donated
gift card raffle prizes for the day.
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