Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 22

We’ve all heard of Hugh Fearnley-
Whittingstall: multi-award-winning writer
and broadcaster widely known for his
uncompromising commitment to seasonal,
ethically produced food. Hugh earned a
huge following through his Channel 4 River
Cottage TV series and books, and became
a well-known campaigner on food
production and environmental issues.
Hugh first established River Cottage as his
HQ in Dorset in 2004, but the operation is
now based at Park Farm near Axminster in
Devon. A working organic smallholding,
supplying top produce for in-house courses
and canteens, River Cottage offers a
broad range of courses and events which
continue to promote Hugh’s commitment
to high welfare food which naturally
extends to chickens. River Cottage of
course use only free range eggs and are
great supporters of the British Hen Welfare
Trust, helping to raise awareness of hen
Spreading his passion for gorgeous and
ethical food couldn’t be much sweeter –
unless you spend it making cake, that is.
Featuring both simple and complex baking
techniques and a range of classic dessert
recipes, the hands-on Cakes & Sweet
Pastry course is the perfect introduction to
the world of pâtisserie.
And River Cottage have kindly donated
this Cakes & Sweet Pastry Course as a
wonderful prize for our supporters.
The course uses lots of free range eggs and
includes basic cake batter, vegetable
cakes, sweet pastry, choux pastry, crème
pâtissière and tarts, with the chance to
sample some of your creations and take
the rest home to impress friends and family.
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