Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 27

like our Advice Line and
want to be able to offer
support wherever we home hens,
but that takes our time and
resources, and therefore funding.
Please help us to maintain and
improve our service, as you’ll see
from Laura’s story below, our help is
Laura Blanco was just about to give birth when her hen, Scoop, developed problems.
Laura rang our Advice Line and Gaynor recognised the symptoms of Mycoplasma so
advised Laura to call her vet as Scoop needed antibiotics. Husband, Albin, was left with
the task of ensuring Scoop’s meds were administered when Laura became otherwise
engaged … and when baby, Javier, was born on 20
June weighing a healthy 8lb 13oz,
Laura’s first call was not to
announce his arrival to family and
friends, but to check that Scoop was
ok. It was confirmed that Laura’s
nuts about hens when she told us
she was busy knitting egg cosies!
Laura hopes to volunteer for the
charity when little Javier is a bit
Whether it’s a bullying issue or health concern, you can view our hen examination
guidelines at
Taking a note
of the differences between your poorly hen and a healthy hen can really help us to try to
diagnose the problem. We can then either offer direct support, or point you to a hen-
friendly vet.
Remember, too, that we are gradually adding health fact sheets to our website, we have
photos to help with diagnosis, detailed symptoms and clear advice where appropriate.
Take a look at
Whilst our knowledge is considerable and based on experience and anecdotal research, we cannot
accept any responsibility for the advice given. If you are in any doubt about the health of your
hen(s) you should always seek veterinary guidance.
Laura with Javier, Nico and Scoop
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