Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 33

Aldi operates across the EU, does your principle of responsible sourcing, and hen
happiness apply across the whole EU, and how can you illustrate this?
Aldi UK and Ireland has a British based buying team and more than 50% of our products
are sourced from within the UK. All Aldi countries share a commitment to responsible
Aldi UK supports the RSPCA Freedom Food initiative, which guarantees that our free
range eggs have been independently and rigorously audited to meet the RSPCA’s strict
animal welfare standards.
What percentage of your cakes and other cooked products contain only free
range eggs?
This is not something Aldi actively markets, however, as a customer-focussed business, if
there was a demand for free range egg usage in products to be monitored and
communicated, we would review this as a business.
The countdown’s begun. There’s only one year to go until we see Team GB flying the
flag for Great Britain in Rio. From this moment on, as proud sponsors, Aldi will be with the
team every step of the way.
Continued ..
Now we like to think we are polite game changers and we noted Aldi’s comments
about the use of free range eggs in their processed food products being down to
consumer demand. We will therefore be initiating a campaign to encourage Aldi
shoppers to ask for products that contain British free range eggs … watch this space.
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