Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 34

Tracey, you’ve been a supporter of the
charity for 3 years now, but how did you
first hear about the British Hen Welfare
I started my own full-time pet sitting
business 13 years ago, which involves
looking after cats and small pets in their
own homes while their owners are away
on holiday. One of my first jobs involved
looking after some pet chickens and after
a week I had decided I would love some
of my own! After much research I came
across the BHWT and read so many lovely
stories about ex-bats that I knew that’s
what I was going to do!
We know your hens won your
affection quickly, but what made you
decide to raise funds?
I’d read about Free Range Friday and
at the time I was attending a local
college doing a Cake Decorating
course so decided to sell boxes of 4
cupcakes for £5 and donate all of the
money raised to the BHWT. I have
organised two Free Range Fridays
now and everyone is always so happy
to support such a fantastic charity. It’s
so good to know that I’m helping
more hens have a lovely retirement in
the same way that my hens do.
What hen keeping tips would you give
to a first time re-homer?
Definitely choose ex-bats! They are
the loveliest, funniest, friendliest hens
and they all deserve to be spoilt in
their retirement years. They love
having plenty of space to run around
in and they love routine and human
Tracey Rawbone has held two
Free Range Friday
events for us, raising a total of
£250 to date. We decided to ask Tracey what motivated her to help, and here’s
what she told us:
Tracey Rawbone with her
Range Friday
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