Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 35

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In July we celebrated our own
Free Range
with our General Manager,
Annette’s, birthday providing the perfect
opportunity to raise a little extra cash in
exchange for a chunk of birthday cake.
Every little helps as they say, and if you’ve
an upcoming birthday that’s being spent
in the office why not do the same? We’ve
not met a colleague yet who doesn’t mind
parting with a coin or two for a slice of
something scrummy.
We have another
opportunity for you to
painting of your favourite hen commissioned by our very
kind supporter Lesley Ann Cooper. Lesley has some of our
girls and is keen to help the charity to help more hens
through her prize donation. Thank you Lesley!
To enter simply hold a
Free Range Friday
fundraiser and
send us your donation during October or November
2015. You will then be entered into our prize draw, and
have the chance to win a unique painting of one of your
Remember to send us photographs of your event and you
could star in our next issue of
Entries must be received by 30
November 2015.
For your free fundraising pack please email
Or call 01884 860084.
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