Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 36

If you would like to submit photos to our Gallery you
can upload them at
By uploading your photographs you will be
automatically entered into our Stars of the Month
competition. (See page 62
Here are some of our ladies that nowadays prefer
to be a little more active rather than simply lay ...
‘OK OK, France it is, but next year I want to go
to Italy!’ Barbara Hammer’s hens, Frieda,
Lottie and Cayetana Duquesa de Alba, plan
their holidays!
Amanda Bailey’s
hens Eeni &
Meeni, get the
best seats before
Minni and Mo
get there!
‘Have you got our best sides?’
says David Roberts’ hen, Betty
‘I LOVE my daisy chain,
but you seem to have
forgotten earrings?’ Says
Linda Clarke’s Barbara
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