Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 43

6: The BHWT works with schools, encouraging them to care for hens so that children can
understand about animal welfare and food production. How important do you think it is
for children to understand where our food comes from?
Hugely important. We do the same thing with our kitchen garden project – we teach
kids all about vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as how to sow and nurture, then
harvest and cook them. I talked earlier about how our relationship with food is broken
and we needed to fix it – education is absolutely key and it should start in nurseries,
before school even starts. We’ve already got a situation where a quarter of kids starting
school at four years old are overweight or obese. This has only started to happen over
the last couple of decades and so we really need to start a healthier relationship with
food in very early childhood.
7. Farmers are sometimes given a bad press. Having worked closely with farmers over
the years, what would you say - good eggs or bad eggs?
In general, I am very pro-farmer. It’s a job that has gotten tougher and tougher over the
years, but if we didn't have farmers in this country working hard in all weathers and at all
hours, we'd be in a terrible state.
8. Are you a free range egg fanatic in your restaurants (Fifteen, Jamie’s Italian)? Do you
use British eggs?
Definitely. All the eggs are British and higher welfare in my UK restaurants.
9. What’s your guilty pleasure – a Creme egg or fried egg?
Fried egg, definitely. Or scrambled.
10. Who cooks in the Oliver household? Do you ever get a day off?!
I cook at the weekends and it's a pleasure for me, not a chore. During the week when
I’m at work, Jools will do the cooking for the kids unless I manage to get home early.
11. Who is the most interesting person you have
cooked for, and why?
That’s a really hard question to answer because
there have been many interesting people over
the years. Doing the G20 dinner a few years back
was amazing, and meeting President Obama
and the first lady was special. I also loved cooking
for Brad Pitt's 40th birthday – I took a graduate
from Fifteen restaurant, who had never been on
a plane before, and suddenly he was flying to
Hollywood to cook for a superstar – it was all a bit
bonkers! In terms of interesting people, I have
regular dinners with experts from the medical
world and those are always fascinating, too.
12. And finally, what would be your ‘last
supper’? And would it involve eggs?!
It wouldn't involve eggs, but it would be my
mum's roast chicken with all the trimmings and
loads of veggies, so I’m hoping that'll be
acceptable to the readers.
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