Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 56

Every day it makes us smile (and laugh) to see your stories and photos illustrating just
how cleverly our ex-bats immerse themselves into family life – please keep them
coming! And remember you can see lots more on our website under ‘Gallery’.
This is Bernie, one of four lovely hens we re-homed at the end of May. We have never
had chickens before so were absolutely thrilled yesterday when 6 of Bernie's eggs
won first place in the hens' egg section of our village produce show! To go from
re-homed hen to prize winner in under four months is fabulous and has only served to
cement Bernie's firmly held belief that she is Top Hen. This picture shows her admiring
her award and no doubt enjoying the comments from the judge which said 'Perfect
egg. Shell consistent size and colour. Excellent proportion of thick white to thin.'
There is no doubt in my mind that Bernie has always known she is a special hen and
now feels suitably satisfied that this is finally being recognised. As a fitting
celebration, she made sure that her friends didn't get to enjoy too many of 'her'
celebratory grapes! Thank you for the wonderful work you do and for allowing us to
re-home such lovely girls - as my husband said, they really have taken my world by
Samantha Chubbock
September 2015
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