Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 58

Your letters
I started saving the lives of battery hens
in October 2003, the very same year that
another chicken-related organisation
hatched the innovative company that
we all know as Omlet. It began when
four friends met at the Royal College of
Art in London. Hanns & James had kept
pet hens as children, so knew the basics
of hen keeping but when I asked Hanns
how they came up with something as
innovative as the Eglu, this was the
answer “We questioned everything
about the perceived 'right way' to keep
hens. Wood was the most common
material used to make chicken houses but
the reason had less to do with suitability
and more to do with ease of source and
ease of manufacture. We decided on
plastic principally for the hygienic, smooth
surfaces that we could achieve that you
could just wipe clean. It also meant we
could create a mass produced product in
a shape that would be impossible to
achieve in wood and we really wanted to
launch a product that would make people
look twice.”
Hanns, James, Will & Simon
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