Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 59

Omlet’s growth has been phenomenal
with several versions of the Eglu
including the Go, the Cube and the Pet
being designed and delivered to more
than 30,000 hen keepers in the UK. This
growth has allowed Omlet to continue
investing in product design and a major
new product typically takes 2 years to
develop. Hanns added: “Chickens are
our main business still and we are
always developing new products for
them, but recently we have also
branched out into designing products
for other pets such as
hamsters. Omlet is at
heart a product design
company that
specialises in pet
products so if we
happen to one day
have a great idea for a
new parrot house we
would do it, we'd like to use our skills and
knowledge and apply that to all areas of
the pet product market because every
time we launch a product it benefits pets
and their owners.”
We love the Eglu because it’s easy to blitz
those pesky mites, and it seems Omlet
going global with launches in the US,
Australia, New Zealand and European
countries such as France and Germany.
Omlet continues to support the British Hen
Welfare Trust through World Egg Day,
Corporate Egg Club donations and other
fundraisers and we are very grateful to
those four clever guys who happened to
cross paths at University. We wish them
continued success.
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