Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 6

Something different …
If you’re like me you tend to spend too much time
looking for the right birthday card to suit the right
person, be it friend, family member or beloved. Well
just take a look at this for a minute – Candlestick
Press, a small, independent publisher based in
Nottingham, have come up with something very
different, and rather lovely I think. They produce
poetry pamphlets (rather like little booklets) aimed
equally at people familiar with poetry and those
who are not. These little treasures now include a
chicken option made especially with us in mind, and
it’s brilliant! The pamphlets have matching
envelopes and bookmarks, and are one up on the
mainstream greetings card which always seem
rather expensive for what they are.
Most Candlestick Press pamphlets have
ten related poems but this one has a
round dozen, naturally, and really does
celebrate the quirks and curiosities of our
cherished chickens. Here’s a tiny taster,
accurate to a tee:
‘There should be a word for the way
they look with just one eye, neck bent …
… And for the way they run
toward someone they trust, their skirts
hiked, their plump bodies wobbling.’
from ‘A Glossary of Chickens’ by Gary
You can buy this delightful little pamphlet
through our shop for £4.95 and you can
find out more about Candlestick Press at
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