Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 61

Sponsor A Hen
A passion for hens, but unable to keep them?
Don’t worry, you can still help us by adopting one of our
loveable ladies.
Sponsoring a hen raises vital funds to save the lives of even
more commercial laying hens, providing them with the
happy retirement home they deserve.
A big thank you to those who have supported us so far; an
incredible 1,483 hens have been sponsored and a whopping
£29,338 raised to support our re-homing initiative, enabling
more girls to explore the wonders of the outdoor world.
What’s more we have two gorgeous new hens, Holly and Ivy
for you to sponsor…
Holly and Ivy
Holly and Ivy were taken from their colony cage just before
Christmas last year and, luckily for them, the next stop was a
carrying crate in a special BHWT trailer – destination Devon…
These two ladies are currently enjoying their retirement
amongst other free range feathered friends in a small
orchard on the edge of Dartmoor countryside with trees,
bushes and even a stream – hen heaven!
By sponsoring Holly and Ivy today, you could be a part of
their lives and be kept up to date with their progress.
In the run up to the festive period, Sponsor a Hen also makes
an ideal pressie for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family.
you would like to find out more about sponsoring a hen, simply visit our website
r you ou can contact us by phone on 01884 860084,
or email at
Here's what's included in our Adult gift pack:
Sponsor hen story and certificate
A six month update on your chosen hen
A smart notebook, matching pen,
magnetic bookmark, car sticker, two henny
greetings cards
And of course remember we have Child
packs for younger hen-lovers out there:
Sponsor hen story and certificate
A special notebook, novelty pen, wrist
band & ruler
BHWT button badge
A six month update
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