Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 63

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Dean Pollard’s hens, Hetty and Chelsea, were our April Hens of the Month. Dean told
us that Hetty (in the basket) loves posing and was chatting away while this photo was
taken. Chelsea, a very nosy hen, is on the saddle. Apparently they soon jumped down
when the mealworms
appeared, their
Mark Wherett uploaded this photo
of his hen, Babette, and told us:
“Babette prefers not to lay her eggs
in the comfortable nest box of our
Eglu. Instead she insists on being let
into our kitchen. She then jumps up
on the worktop by the kitchen
window whilst we scrabble to
remove the kettle and put an old
jacket on there for her to nest.
Babette stays there admiring the
view until a lovely warm egg is laid
(sometimes with occasional pauses
when she jumps down to have a
quick snack and something to
drink). Here she is just after completing her day's work as she begins to loudly proclaim
to us how clever she is.”
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