Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 66

We have lots of funny, endearing, heart-warming photos of happy hens on our
facebook page which now has over 15,000 followers so if you haven’t joined us yet,
give us a whirl!
Facebook can be a lifesaver too, a response to this post below has enabled us to
continue helping hens in the Northants area after three kind supporters came
forward with viable solutions:
What? Nobody in Northamptonshire, North
Buckinghamshire or the Milton Keynes area
able to help us with a new hen collection
pick up point? Our Brackley collection
point closes soon and if nobody comes
forward will have to stop re-homing hens in
this area.
If you have a stable yard, or farm with
outbuildings that we could use every 6 -8
weeks, you could be the fairy godmother
(or fairy mother hen) our hens are looking
Good road access and parking is
essential. To find out more with no
obligation, please contact Gaynor by
The power of social media! There’s
nothing nicer than seeing photos of
happy hens to make us and our
supporters smile, just as this one from
Hazel Brookes does. Hazel took it using Snap Chat,
an app on your iphone, and we thought the pic so
good we shared it on Facebook recently, along
with Hazels comment:
This is ‘Magic’ sitting on my stepdaughter, Sophie’s,
lap and Sophie is sat on my lap. ‘Magic’ is
inquisitive, friendly and likes eating raspberries,
making dust baths under the cherry tree and kicking
gravel all over our lawn! Hazel
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