Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 69

And Finally ... Patsy
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Meet Penguin Patsy! Patsy arrived in
Devon in July; she could barely stop
herself from falling backwards and
was very wobbly going forwards – a
real dilemma when there’s a big
world to explore.
Patsy’s stance is not due to egg
peritonitis, her tummy is far from
swollen, but it could be the result of
heavy laying. Whatever the reason
Patsy walks like a penguin.
Not so happy when she arrived, Patsy was shy
and unconfident at first, needing help to feed –
it was a long way down to reach corn! The only
way to increase Patsy’s weight was to support
her neck and head, and pop dollops of warm
mash into her beak. This routine was much
enjoyed by Patsy, and I got to enjoy seeing
every dollop slowly slide down her bald neck
and into her crop. Patsy initially needed
support even at night time, and soon learnt to
snuggle into a neck support which helped her
remain stable overnight, and kept her warm.
The bed arrangement soon doubled up as a
food bar and with a piece of kitchen roll
popped over her head to keep her feathers
clean Patsy got into the swing of her new life.
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