Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 7

Did you know?
Eggs, lots of lovely eggs!
Q: Should we keep eggs in the fridge, out
of the fridge, in the box, out of the box?
A: None of the above! Eggs should be
kept in a cool place, but most important is
making sure you use them in date order
so that you always have fresh eggs. Our
kind friends at Omlet designed the Egg
Ramp as the ideal egg receptacle so you
can easily keep eggs in date, nice and
orderly. The Egg Ramp is 15cm deep and
comes in red, blue, black cream and
most lovely of all – yellow – the colour
which just happens to bring a donation of
£1 into the charity for every one sold.
Omlet have donated £120 so far for
yellow Egg Ramps and we’re very
grateful to them and to those who have
purchased a bright and sunny Egg Ramp
for their kitchen. Thank you.
Knit One, Pearl One …
Most of us have a little more time on
our hands when the dark nights
arrive, so what about knitting some
cuddly cosies for us to sell please, we
don’t want our boiled eggs getting
chilly do we? The fancier the better,
but all egg warmers welcome.
Your plants will enjoy
the water you used
to boil eggs as it is
packed with
nutrients. Make
sure you cool it
first though!
Did you know...
Our Golden Egg prize this time around is two lovely Sophie
Allport mugs.
Find the Golden Egg in this issue and email your details and
the location of the Golden Egg to
or send your entry to: Competitions, British Hen Welfare Trust,
Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, SOUTH MOLTON, EX36 4RF.
The competition closes on 30th November 2015.
Find the Golden Egg!
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