Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 70

Egg Magazine
is a British Hen Welfare Trust Publication
Jane Howorth
Lisa Pope
01884 860084
The lucky winner of our 3-night weekend break at Poultry Cottage
in Shropshire was Yvonne Campbell from Wells. Huge thanks to
The Landmark Trust for their fabulous prize donation.
Jackie Wilson from Tyne & Wear found the Golden Egg in the last
edition and won our fantastic Hentastic Hamper for her lucky
hens, and the Dengie competition winners were: Lynn Doe, Cheryl
Tribe, David Welsh, Margaret Birkinshaw, Janet Kynman, Jemima
Hepburne-Scott, Simon Sanders, Ben Hancock, Alan Miles and
Nora Burnett each winning a bale of Dengie Fresh Bed. Annette
Stephens won a 250g pack of Verm-x pellets and 90 yr old Joyce
Darnell won the Higgidy picnic for 10, £20 worth of Higgidy
vouchers and The Higgidy Cookbook! Thank you to all our lovely
sponsors for these fabulous prizes.
Want to help more hens
without touching a
IF you knew that handing this magazine to
a friend, colleague or family member
would save the lives of more hens ... you'd
do it wouldn't you? And IF you thought
that you could save more lives by leaving
Chicken & Egg on the bus, at the dentist, in
the library ... you'd do that, too, wouldn't
you? SO, please take the opportunity to
help more hens find a loving retirement
home - place this magazine where it just
may be picked up by caring hands like
yours. Thank you.
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